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Cheerleading with CA Cheetahs | Ethan Caruso

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Recently we had a chat with one of Cheer Athletics Cheetahs star athletes, Ethan Caruso! Read on to hear about Ethans epic journey, who inspires him most and his tips for getting through tumbling mental blocks....


How many years have you done cheerleading for?

I have done cheerleading for 3 years!

Can you list the teams you've been on and the levels?

17-18 - Platinum Athletics Onyx (Level 6) 18-20 - Cheer Athletics Cheetahs (Level 6)

If you could go back and give your younger self any advice, what would that be?

To stay calm and not to rush anything. Everything comes naturally if you put your mind to it!

How do you stay motivated when practices get hard?

I like to keep positivity around the team and don't want to see others fail so I try to keep a happy face on and a fun attitude that comes along with it!

Who inspires you?

Ryan Cummings, Grayson Daley, Lexi Goodman

Dream goal when it comes to cheerleading?

A dream goal of mine was winning the World Championships, but this year I realised it's not all about a win. What I really want is to give the rookies a chance to experience the Cheetah Legacy!

Tumbling or stunting? What is your favourite skill?

I LOVE tumbling. My favourite skill would probably be a double whip double.

Have you ever had a mental block when tumbling? If so how did you overcome it? If someone else is in a similar situation what can they do to overcome this fear?

I've never had a mental block before but if I were to get one I would probably take a skill lower than what I already had and train it over and over again until my body and mind would allow me to do the higher level skill again. So if someone is struggling with this you should try working on the skill below it or ask your coaches for tips and drills that could make your mind stronger for the next time you try to over come the block. Your coaches are always there to help you!

Do you have any advice for athletes wanting to reach the worlds level?

My advice is to not get too confident but also don't get too timid and scared. Yes it sounds scary to some people that you are on a worlds team but the coaches wouldn't have put you on a team without them knowing your skill set and mindset towards a goal/team. It's honestly just like any other team, don't stress about it but don't get too comfortable. Always be on your toes with a worlds team because ANYTHING can happen!

Thanks so much for your tips of the trade Ethan! We wish you all the best in your upcoming season and we can't wait for you to continue adding awesome memories to that epic journey of yours!

April 2020

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