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Behind The Scenes Training With Cali Smoed | Maddox Barrow

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Two months ago Tessa spoke to former team mate Maddox Barrow, an American cheerleader that has had a journey some could only imagine. From beginning at her local cheer gym to then making it big on Top Gun SCI-5 that was only the beginning for Maddox. She is now an Alumni of the world renowned California Allstars SMOED and is about to step on the floor the season of her DREAMS with Top Gun Double O! 

Tessa chats to Maddox about her previous season with Cali Smoed and of course touch base on whats to be an amazing year for Maddox on Double O.


OS: How many years have you done cheerleading?

M: I am going on my 10th year of cheer this season.

OS: We know you’ve been on some pretty incredible teams that have had iconic performances but everyone has to start somewhere. Can you tell us a little bit about where you came from?

M: I started cheer when I was 5 years old at a gym called Infinity in Northern Florida and I never thought I would be where I am today. I’ve won UCA, NCA, Summit, Cheersport and it’s so crazy to think I have now cheered at Top Gun Allstars and California Allstars.

OS: So when it comes to competitive cheerleading what do you think your future will look like now?

M: I’m back at Top Gun so I really hope I can make Double O for this season.

OS: And skill wise?

M: I hope I can get my double really consistent!

OS: When you’ve been on teams like Top Gun SCI-5 and California Smoed there's not doubt you will get to perform a remarkable routine. So what’s been your favourite one to perform? M: My favourite routine to perform was definitely SCI-5. OS: What was so different about SCI-5 that made it your favourite? M: Because it really was a family. We all bonded and not one person was ever left out. We all enjoyed each others presence and the fact that the team really came from nothing made it an unforgettable experience. OS: It really was a team like no other! I can vouch for that.

OS: Now I know your favourite routine, I want to know your favourite memory? Do you have a specific one? M: UCA 2019, I’ll definitely never forget. OS: That was our year with SCI-5 at UCA. I agree that it was definitely one of our best performances but what made it so special for you? M: It was our comeback and NCA was the weekend before and we literally crashed the spaceship so bad…. haha but UCA we bought back the fun into our routine and I’ll never forget that feeling. OS: That feeling is definitely something I believe all cheerleaders strive for! Nothing can beat it.

OS: Do you have an inspiration that you look up to?

M: I honestly don’t have a certain person I’m inspired by, I try and just be better everyday and set my own goals and if someone along the way I see do something I like, I’ll try the same thing.

OS: And how do you cope with all the positive and negative social media attention you receive from being on such high calibre teams?

M: It’s kind of hard to avoid, I just have to realise that everyone’s going to have their opinion and not everyone is going to like me and that is okay. I just try stay as positive as I can and not take it too personally.

OS: That is some really good advice for anyone experiencing the same attention that you receive. It’s impressive for someone your age to have an understanding like that and I think a lot of teenage girls could benefit from hearing your perspective. 

OS: Do you have any other inspiring words for younger athletes that look up to you?

M: Never give up! It will get hard and it always does but that’s when you need to push more. Always have a goal to achieve, even if it is little. It still keeps you on your feet. Most importantly stay positive and have fun!

OS: You couldn’t have said it better! I’m sure you had to use your advice all the time while training with Smoed. A lot of athletes are shocked with how hard practices on Smoed are made out to be on the YouTube show 'Cheerleaders', which you had a privilege being a part of. Can you tell us what it is actually like being coached by Eddie? Was it as hard as it looks?

M: It was a completely different experience than I was ever use to! But Eddie got the job done at practice. It was very hard, just about as hard as they make it seem on YouTube, but definitely worth it!


a month later...

OS: Hello again! Last time we spoke, you had the goal to make Double O this season and….. how exciting!! Your hard work paid off and you made the team! How does that make you feel? M: I’m so excited to have the opportunity! Of course I don’t have a secure spot but I’m doing my best to show that I am capable of being on the team. OS: Oh yes, to explain -  some teams will begin with a greater amount of athletes than allowed, therefore you have to show that you're physically and mentally prepared to compete with the team. After the first few months training with your new team they will select the final roster for the team dependant on what suits the team best. Because that was one of your goals previously, do you have a new goal now? Whether it be a team goal or personal goal? M: I recently just pulled my quad so unfortunately I have been out for the last 3 practices but slowly getting back into it so my current goal is just to recover as fast and healthy as possible. OS: Well I wish you all the best in your recovery and can’t wait till you can jump back on that floor to continue working towards your goals! Keep up the hard work.

Thank you, Maddox, for taking the time to chat and answer some questions. We’re so excited for other cheerleaders to learn about your story and hear some of your wisdom and advice. Sending you all the good luck and positive vibes you deserve and we can’t wait to speak to you soon!

July 2020

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