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Meet Our Leader

Tessa Petrie

Director, Owner & Coach

Tessa's journey began at the age of 4 when she started in gymnastics. By the age of 9, after several years of training and competing as a gymnast, she had a new desire to try cheerleading, to perform with a team & ever since then she have never looked back. 

From beginning at her local club in Mornington, her love for cheerleading continued to grow so large that she eventually outgrew her local club after 3 years.


This lead to Tessa continuing her journey at Outlaws Allstars in 2012. From starting in Level 2 to continuing all the way to Level 6 and travelling Internationally to compete at multiple NCA, Summit and World Championships, the goals she had were never ending. 

Taking the next step into her cheerleading career, in 2014 Tessa began coaching gymnastics which gave her the experience to pursue her passion to become a cheerleading coach in 2016.


Tessa is fortunate enough to now have had 6+ years of tumbling, gymnastics and cheerleading coaching experience under her belt. Not to mention, the lifetime full of experience competing as a gymnast and cheerleader as well.  

To put the icing on the cake, after multiple years of hard work, research & perseverance Tessa finally achieved her life long ambition of moving to Miami, Florida to compete with her dream gym, Top Gun Allstars. Something that Tessa thought was nearly impossible to achieve.


Tessa says that that opportunity taught her more than she ever thought she could know. She's always lived & breathed cheerleading and with her motivation & determination, has managed to accomplish some incredible achievements.


Odyssey Sports is Tessa's current adventure. It is her next step towards giving back to the sports she loves and inspiring those around her.

Make it happen. Shock everyone.


Achievements & Qualifications ~

  • 2014 - NCA Nationals, Dallas, Texas, 2nd Place

  • 2015 - NCA Nationals, Dallas, Texas, 2nd Place

  • 2016 - NCA Nationals, Dallas, Texas, 1st Place

  • 2016 - Summit Championships, Orlando, Florida

  • 2017 - AASCF National Grand Champions, Outlaws Kelly Girls

  • 2018 - World Championships, Orlando, Florida, 4th Place

  • 2018-2019 - Top Gun All Stars SCI-5, Miami, Florida

  • 2019 - World Championship with SCI-5, Orlando, Florida

  • Intermediate Gymnastics Australia Coach Qualified

  • Levels 1-6 IASF Building & Tumbling Credentialed

  • Qualified Cheerleading judge for Australian event providers

  • Provider of First Aid

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