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Odyssey Sports


Each year, Odyssey Sports has the honour of offering one hard working, passionate athlete an incredible $500 Sponsorship to help them on their journey to the World or Summit Championships held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

Travelling overseas for international competitions comes with ample amounts of financial stress. With tuition fees, team apparel, uniforms, flights, accommodation costs & competition entry it all adds up very quickly. Our Sponsorship opportunity is here to take some of the financial load off their shoulders, giving them room to focus on the more important things when it comes to competing at World Champion competitions, such as, training and ensuring a heathy body and mind. We are so grateful to be able to give back to the cheerleading community and help one lucky athlete achieve their goal of competing at the Cheerleading Worlds or Summit Championships.

What does the Sponsored Athlete receive?

  • $500 Sponsorship to go towards training & travel expenses for the World or Summit Championships.

  • Odyssey Sports apparel.

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Meet our previous Sponsored Athletes

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