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Guest Coaching

Guest coaching provides the amazing opportunity for cheerleading gyms and teams to learn from multiple different talents giving you the chance to truly become the best version of yourself. Coach Tessa has a passion for spreading her extensive knowledge across the country and is honoured to work with multiple different gyms and teams to help them reach their goals. 

Check out the guest coaching services we have to offer below and book Tessa in for your next session to enjoy learning from someone with 10+ of experience coaching and cheerleading around the world.

  • Guest Coaching

Have Coach Tessa come along to your regular weekly training to work with your athletes. Tessa will meet with you prior to your booked session to discuss your (the coaches) desired outcome from the session and any specific sections of your routine or skills that need focusing on. Tessa will then plan the ideal session for your team touching in on her competitive, coaching and judging experience.

  • Skills Clinics

Is your team in need of a session dedicated to tumbling or stunting technique? Skills clinics are a perfect opportunity to give your team the chance to take their skills right back to the start and knuckle down on their technique which in the long run will allow for further progression of skills, fewer injuries and cleaner routines.

  • Choreography

If you're looking for an extra set of hands (or eyes) to create the routine of your dreams book us in to provide sectional or full routine choreography by Coach Tessa or by one of our incredible international choreographers and coaches from Top Gun, Miami. Choreography packages and deals available. Email us today to express your interest.

  • Coaches Education

One of the most important parts of running a cheerleading gym: ensuring your coaches are well trained to provide the best possible coaching for your athletes. As our sport is constantly evolving Coach Tessa continually learns and improves her knowledge and believes that it is so important for all coaches to be doing the same. Book Tessa to come to your gym (in person or virtual) and cover the topics of your choice to ensure your coaches are well prepared for the year ahead.

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