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Our Why

'Find your why and you'll find your way'

- John C. Maxwell

Do you have a dream? We sure do!


Here at Odyssey Sports we have many reasons behind our project. With years of experience behind us, we want to not only inspire, educate and empower, but we want to build a community full of love and kindness. A kind of community we can all turn to for support, motivation, professional advice, guidance and much more. A support team that creates an environment allowing athletes to flourish into the awe-inspiring athlete they can be.


At its core, 'Our Why' is to provide endless opportunities for ALL to grow, feel empowered, bring positivity to their life and create their own ODYSSEY.


What Do We Value?


Our values reflect what we believe are the most important factors that result in happiness, fulfilment and success. We keep these values in mind not only during work hours, but during everyday life.

  • Holistic Approach

A holistic approach means thinking about the big picture. It is realising that making changes to one area can have the potential to affect the person as a whole. To be the best version of you it is important to understand your body as a whole, rather than seperate parts. We constantly take into account the mental and physical affects one change (positive or negative), may have on a single athlete and apply this approach to our programs and coaching to get the most out of every athlete.

  • Safety

Safety is crucial when taking part in any sessions with Odyssey Sports. We take the safety of our athletes and coaches very seriously to prevent any possible injury or trauma. This includes using and conducting drills to teach the safest possible techniques to minimise potential risks for our athletes. All Odyssey Sports staff are highly trained and understand the importance of safety when it comes to spotting techniques and teaching new skills. Staff members are educated regularly to keep them up to date with important safety measures.

  • Inspiration

We wish to inspire ALL to live their best lives and encourage athletes to pursue fun, happy and positive energies, spread love and kindness and to continue bettering themselves day in and day out. We wish to inspire all to make the most of their chosen journey and unleash their greatness. We hope that everyone involved with Odyssey Sports will work with us to inspire others to do the same. At the end of the day life is all about living in the moment, following your passion and ENJOYING every minute of everyday.

  • Acceptance

Everyone deserves the right to be accepted. We acknowledge that everyone comes from different backgrounds, has different values and beliefs and are all at different stages of their life. No matter the age, gender or background, we believe everyone should have equal opportunity to succeed. We all should have the chance and opportunity to discover our why.

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