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All Out Tumbling

Welcome to our specialised tumbling program 'All Out Tumbling'. Run across 4 sessions this program focuses on both physical and mental development when it comes to tumbling and teaches aspiring athletes what it takes to build powerful tumbling.


Smash Your Goals

All Out Tumbling is about each individual athlete and their personal development. By only opening the program up to a small group of athletes we pride ourselves on being able to offer plenty of 1:1 feedback and tailor each session to meet the individual needs of each athlete. This means there is more chance for athletes to focus on their own development and really knuckle down on their goals.

Holistic Coaching

By definition 'holistic' is the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. We aim to teach our athletes to understand the importance of physical and mental preparation when it comes to tumbling which is why we incorporate both physical prep as well as mental prep alongside their basic and advanced skill training. We believe this is what guides our athletes towards a truly successful tumbling journey that they can be proud of.


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LOCATION: MYC Gymnastics - 350 Dunns Rd, Mornington

HYC Cheerleading - 11 Nelson St, Moorabbin

DATES & TIMES: 27th & 29th June 9am-12pm @ MYC

5th & 7th July 1pm-3pm @ HYC

PREREQUISITES: Strong Round Off Back Handspring

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'WOW! Willow said she had a fantastic morning and learnt heaps! Thank you so much.'

- Alexandra Montana, All Out Tumbling 2022

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