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3x World Champion | Emily Vesterfelt | Great White Sharks

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Last week we were lucky enough to sit down with Emily to have a chat about her cheerleading career. We are so exited to share Emily’s proudest moments, goals for her future, life before cheerleading and what she likes to do in her spare time! So let’s get started.

Emily is a part of the World Champion team Cheer Sport Great White Sharks (Gdubs) out of Cambridge, Canada and has 3 World Champion titles under her belt! How incredible is that!


OS: How old are you Emily?  E: I’m 20 years old and this is my 14th year doing cheerleading.  OS: You’ve been doing cheerleading for over half of your lifetime. That must take a lot of dedication. Did you take part in any other sports before you started your journey in cheerleading? Or have you always just done cheerleading?  E: I did take part in other sports, I did t-ball, dance and gymnastics.  OS: For those of you who don’t know what t-ball is it is a sport similar to baseball. By the sounds of it you’ve experience many different sports. What then lead you to cheerleading?  E: My cheer journey started at Cheer Sport Sharks! My cousin was a Great White at the time and she got me into the sport.  OS: So it runs in the family! How awesome.  What position are you on Great Whites? E: I’m a backspot! OS: And what is your favourite skill to perform? E: When I use to tumble a lot in the routine my favourite skill was a standing two to whip double. OS: Having done this skill many times do you have any tips that could help other athletes trying to master this skill? E: Yes, I would say to treat this whip differently than you would in any other skill. This whip is so different compared to a running whip double.

OS: For those who are new to this skill, can you please explain to us the difference between a running whip through and a standing whip through?  E: Of course. A running whip through is when you connect a back handspring after the whip and then end in either a tuck, layout or full/double. That whip is closer to the ground and acts more as a handspring with no hands. You could also make the whip a bounding skill and rebound straight into a tuck, layout or full/double without a back handspring in between. That whip is much more aggressive and slightly higher than if connecting to a back handspring.  A standing whip through is essentially the exact same as a running whip through except you build that power from standing handsprings rather than from a round off. From there you can either connect the whip to another back handsprings or bound from the skill. OS: Thanks Emily. So overall the difference between the two whips is whether you are connecting it to a back handspring or an airborne skill such as a layout or full. Makes sense.

OS: So Great Whites is a highly recognised team across the whole world and I’m sure anyone could agree that the ability and talent that comes from the team is like nothing else. What is your favourite part about being on such a well known team? E: My favourite part about being on the team is seeing the impact that we have on others. When people tell us that we inspire them it genuinely motivates us to keep doing what we’re doing! OS: I can imagine that to be a crazy but awesome experience! Because it can sometimes be a handful trying to balance being on a team with such a high grade and everyday life, what do you like to do in your downtime to keep yourself healthy, focused and stress free? E: I like to watch youtube videos about health and lifestyles to help keep me motivated and having goals outside of cheerleading is something that I find so important also.

OS: Superstitions are huge in our sport. What are your must do competition rituals before stepping on the floor at any large competition? E: I must do all my handshakes with my team mates. OS: How many handshakes do you do before your routine? E: I do about 12 handshakes with the girls on my team!  OS: That sounds like a lot! Can you name the girls you do them with? E: I do them with Rebecca, Alexis Heaps, Lauren Stanley, Abbey, Payton Wright, Claire, Sydney, Brie, Chloe, Tia, Rachel, Nikki and Mea!

OS: By the look of it, you’ve achieved some pretty incredible things in the cheer world. What has been one of your proudest achievements?

E: By far my proudest moment of my cheer career is winning 3x World Championship titles. Becoming a World Champion has been a dream of mine for years and to say I’ve achieved that not only once but THREE times is still so insane to me.

OS: That is something incredible that a lot of people only dream about achieving. I’m sure there’s many young boys and girls out there that aspire to be just like you and achieve the same things that you have. Proves that hard work and dedication really does pay off!

While we’re on this topic, do you have any inspiring words for athletes that have a goal of being on a team like yours and dream of achieving the same things that you have? 

E: My best advice to athletes wanting to succeed on a high calibre team is to follow and pursue your dreams. When I was a kid I never in a million years thought I would be good enough to make Great Whites until one day I decided that was a goal I was GOING to achieve. Believe in yourself and your abilities and you’ll go far!

Thanks Emily for your great advice and for taking the time to chat with us!

We wish you the best of luck for your future and hope to speak to you again soon!

May 2020

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