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Introducing Odyssey

Meet Our Leader

Tessa has been in the cheerleading and gymnastics industry since the age of 4 and coaching cheerleading and gymnastics since she was 15. She dreams of inspiring others to create the life they've always hoped for and learn to enjoy their journey along the way.

Odyssey Sports is Tessa's big adventure. It is the next step she is taking to fulfil her dream of giving back to the sports she loves.

Everyone is capable of greatness, we are here to guide you and help you get there.

Click below to learn more about Tessa and her goals behind Odyssey Sports.

This is just the beginning...

What Makes Us Different?

Odyssey Sports brings a holistic approach to the world of coaching. While the athletes skills are highly important, we will focus uniquely, on the athlete as a whole. Taking into account their physical AND mental skills to bring out the best, strongest, most motivated athlete possible. Together, we will practice not only the crucial tumbling and stunting fundamentals to improve the technique and skill set of the athlete and prevent injuries, but teach how to set specific and achievable goals, overcome mental challenges and obstacles, and take their mental game to the next level. An athletes life is busy and sometimes overwhelming, Odyssey Sports guides you to put a plan in place to take pressure off the mind and body as a whole and take you steps closer to achieving your dreams.

"A dream means nothing, unless you have a plan in place to achieve it."

Let's Get Started

What's new...


Registrations have officially opened for All Out Tumbling Round 4!

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I loved it so much and learnt so many new techniques. I definitely recommend doing it!

Evolve Allstars

We loved having Tessa in to do some master classes at the gym! The kids adore her!


Tessa has a beautiful nature and brings knowledge, warmth and positivity to her students.

Let’s Engage

Phone: +61 400 038 114    |     Email:   

Location: Australia! You'll find us moving from State to State during the year to coach at different gyms.

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1. a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences, hardships etc.

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