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DEAR SANTA... The ULTIMATE Cheerleading Christmas Wishlist

Are you stuck for ideas for your cheerleader OR are you a cheerleader that is unsure of what you would like for Christmas? Look no further, we are here to give you a run down on some of Australia's BEST cheerleading companies for all the essentials EVERY cheerleader needs.

Ever wondered what it's like to have the ability to train anywhere, any time? Gymnastics Direct has a wide range of cheerleading and gymnastics equipment needed to make anyones home the ultimate out of practice, practice destination.

With incredibly low prices and amazing quality you'd be silly not to get your hands on one of Gymnastics Directs air products or at home equipment!

Check out their range at and who knows... maybe Santa will be kind enough to bring one to your very own door step...

Instagram: gymnasticsdirect


Next on the list is the incredible Hustle Lashes! Introducing the first ever KIDS LASH line, Hustle Lashes is your one stop shop for all competition lash needs. It's the finishing touch to any competition look and a must have for all competitors.

Made from recycled bottles, you're even doing the environment a favour when purchasing our favourite Lashes from Hustle.

Head over to their website to find great deals and the perfect lash.

Instagram: hustle_lashes


As a cheerleader, we know what it is like to experience hardcore pain and damage to the hair after a long day of competition. Perfect Pony has the solution to both of these issues! While they not only LOOK amazing, they take away that dreaded moment of having to brush out the competition teased and hairsprayed hair.

Providing teased ponies to Australian cheerleaders for years, Perfect Pony offers a range of different lengths and colours to suit your style and colour. There's something for everyone!

Add a Perfect Pony to your list this Christmas and have the hair of your dreams for all your competitions.

Facebook: Perfect Pony AU

Instagram: Perfectpony_au


Last but definitely not least for our Ultimate Cheerleading Christmas Wishlist... Black Angel Apparel! Want to look stylish wearing the latest trends, be comfortable and have the ability to train and move at your practice? Well then it's about time you check out the latest collections Black Angel has to offer.

Inspiring athletes to not only look their best, but feel their best, Black Angel focuses solely on quality, family and potential to make sure their customers have an experience they won't forget!

Christmas packs are now available via their website AND just in time for Christmas... they're brand new factory outlet is now open to give you all the Black Angel you need and more! While you're there, don't forget to check out all the goodies you must add to your Christmas list!

Instagram: Blackangel.ap

Location: 34 Graham DAFF Blvd Braeside, VIC


Give the best gift this Christmas and spoil your loved ones with any of the products listed above! We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lots of love and happiness from the Odyssey Sports family <3


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