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Top 5 Back To Training Tips

It's that time of the year again... well, the start of the year. We're still full from Christmas, we've been enjoying our summer holidays and now it is time to get back to training for an epic season after a well deserved, relaxing break. It's hard, we know, BUT there are ways to make it easier on our minds and our body... here's a few tips how:

#1 Ease your mind and body back into training

When you know that you're about to go back to training make sure to start early. Slowly ease your body back into the hardcore training you're about to do. Start with a daily walk, at home workout or head to the gym for a PT session. Prepare your body to kickstart the season with a bang! The last thing you want is to not make it through your first session back because your body wasn't prepared. Start early!

Furthermore, take it easy on your mind. You may feel sore, you may not feel as fit and your training may feel really hard but don't get yourself down, it's a marathon, not a race. Take it easy on yourself.

#2 Stretch

Ahhhhh duh... obvious right? We all know the importance of stretching but here's a reminder to keep it up before and after your training. Your body will thank you!

#3 Eat healthy foods

Feeling unfit and tired after Christmas? Replenish your body with healthy, nutritious foods to have your body functioning at its best for the start of season. Stick to whole foods and stay away from packaged, processed foods. Fruits, nuts, fish and leafy greens are awesome to help reduce inflammation. Really handy for those getting back into training. Look for some fun, healthy recipes on the internet, you'll be so excited with what you can find!

#4 Drink water

It's summer here in Australia! It's hot! Give yourself enough water to stay hydrated, avoid fatigue, dizziness and dehydration. Aim to drink 2-3L a day, especially on training days.

#5 Get enough sleep

If you've trained before, you know that exercise depletes your energy, fluids and breaks down your muscle. When deprived from sleep our body takes longer to replenish and recover what has been damaged. A lack of sleep increases stress on the mind and body and decreases production of glycogen and carbohydrates that our bodies use for energy. Hence why you may feel a lack of energy, fatigue or poor focus without enough sleep. Aim for the suggested amount of sleep for your age found on the Sleep Foundation website for good fitness, good health and more productive


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