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From Routine Refinement, Skills Clinics, Coaches Workshops to Choreography, we do it all!

Is you team in need of an extra set of eyes? Routine Refinement is perfect for upcoming competitions. Our highly experience, qualified coaches will work with your team(s) to nit pick the elements, technique errors easily missed and the overall flow and appearance of the routine. Leaving your athletes feeling confident and prepared, and the routine looking flawless. 

Stunts, jumps or tumbling, at our Skills Clinics we are committed to giving your athletes opportunities to learn and expand their skills and knowledge in a safe environment. We come to your gym to teach masterclasses with the main focus being technique, learning to trust their bodies and building mental strength within their abilities. What more do you want for your athletes and teams to succeed? 

Do you have beginner coaches, technique or skill questions or just need a general refresher of all things coaching? Our exclusive Coaches Workshops mean as a group, we discuss theories, styles and methods that are specialised for your gym.

Looking to up your game at competitions this season? Have one of our world class choreographers kick start your teams season with only the best and most creative choreography. From start to end, our choreographers will work along side you and your athletes to provide a routine to fit all our your requirements. Contact us today for more information.